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11 Goals That Will Shape Your Future!

Unlike most other institutions, every new member to join Club Physical sets a goal. Sadly, most sabotage the possibility of extraordinary success by failing take it seriously, like the person who set a ‘goal’ last week “To get jacked”.

To enjoy a life-changing result you need to be both ‘specific’ and to have a realistic date. Setting a measurable health goal that is time-bound can and will absolutely change-your-life in ways that you may not realise.

Your positivity, mental health, confidence and self-esteem will all soar once you experience the satisfaction and elation of having achieved a goal. While no-one can tell you what your goals should be, here are a few powerful examples:

  1. Lower my ‘bio-age’ by one year within the next 12 weeks – date…. (can be provided by Club Physical’s EVOLT body-scan)
  2. Workout a minimum of three days a week for the next 12 weeks
  3. Reduce my waist-measurement by five centimetres within the next six weeks
  4. Be able to complete 20 press-ups within the next six weeks
  5. Be able to run two kilometres continuously within the next six weeks
  6. Be able to hold a one-minute PLANK within the next thirty days
  7. Drink two litres of water a day for the next 30 days
  8. Consume a healthy breakfast every day for the next thirty days
  9. Reduce my body-fat by two kilos within the next 30 days
  10. Lower my blood-pressure by 10 points over the next 8 weeks
  11. Stretch for ten minutes after every workout for the next 30 days

You’ll see that each one of the goals above is both simple to remember and has a key, measurable goal aim. Each one will dynamically impact other areas of your life such as ‘better sleep’, reduced lower-back pain, improved overall health, reduced anxiety, greater ENERGY leading to other positive changes and enhanced relationships. All because you invested five-minutes to set a quantifiable time-bound goal.

Your challenge is to set such a goal TODAY!

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