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Why Club Physical?

Club Physical is not about us. It’s about YOU!

But just to share how we got started, and the values that we cherish, here’s a brief history;

“The positive spirit ignited by the Arnold era captivated me. Just prior to this I was caught up in the office crowd, binge drinking on the weekend but wanting to be healthier. Then when I first stepped into a modern-day health club and felt the immediate changes on my body and in my mind, it changed my LIFE! I could think of nothing better than to work with people in this amazing transformative atmosphere. Not long after I met Tina and with combined passion and enthusiasm we were able to build the first club and the team.

Over the years we have built and opened the doors of 24 health clubs changing the lives of thousands of people. While working long hours with the inevitable huge financial stresses, I was able to earn two black belts (Karate and Taekwondo) in the evenings, while also helping each of our younger three children to do the same”.

Club Physical has had the honour of working with many dedicated people over the years such as Derek van Beynen, Shelley Miles, Toni King, Nora Curtis, Sharon Gutry, Anna Simons John Bowick and Patrick Pradell and others. Not to mention numerous amazing members. And now Paul and Tina have the delight in seeing children Brahm, Chloe and Renee involved in leadership.

More than ever we need to encourage others to exercise daily and to eat healthily. There is an obesity epidemic among other major Global health challenges. Growing numbers are living in apartments and small properties making the access to exercise more important.  The computer age has reduced activity contributing to this need. While providing this, our goal is to link membership promotions so that we can also benefit charities to help others further afield.

Thank YOU for considering being part of Club Physical.


First NZ members of IHRSA, First NZ members of Fitness Network, Originators of New Zealand’s 12 week Transformation programme in 1992, First in NZ to introduce computerized cardio equipment, First in NZ to introduce low impact aerobics , 1994/6 President of Fitness NZ (Paul), 1995 Club Network Marketing Award – Best print ad ,2002 Waitakere Eco City – Finalist – Innovation Award, 2002 Waitakere Eco City – Finalist – Community Contribution Award, 2004 NetFit NZ Lifetime Achievement Award , 2004 NetFit NZ Fitness Professional of the year (Tina), 2005 Waitakere Eco City – Highly Commended -Innovation Award , 2006 Club Physical Xpress, Powerade Fitness Centre of the Year (-750 members), Fitness Life Awards – Best Club in the North Island and best in New Zealand, 2008 Outstanding Service award – Fitness NZ , Members of the Australian Fitness Business Round Table (5 years) Paul awarded New Zealand’s Marketing Professional of the Year 2009, Tina was ‘runner-up’ New Zealand Toastmaster ‘Evaluator 2017, Brahm Richards has represented New Zealand many times Judo and Wrestling and in the 2014 Youth Olympics, The Oceania’s, 2018 and 2022 Commonwealth Games, Renee has represented New Zealand in Hip-Hop Dance 2022. The foundation, and success of Club Physical has been completed while maintaining a deep faith in God.

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