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Virtual Fitness lets you get in a great workout while trying something new.
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We’re all about making fitness fit your style. Club Physical’s Virtual Fitness Classes are the perfect wat to make sure you get a wide variety of exercises in and that you never miss a sweat! Try out our selection of over 60 virtual workouts each week screening in-studio at our Te Atatu location. It’s virtual, for everyone!
Fitness that fits your style


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Cardio/High Impact Classes:

Aerobic Burn (20 mins)

Your trainer takes you through a beginner style aerobic class – working through cardio and dance movements to improve conditioning, coordination, and overall cardiovascular function.

AthletiCore – (27 Mins) Beginner

Designed to build strength, your trainer will take you through a range of exercises targetting your core.

Bodylicious Express – (27 Mins) Beginner

Set on long island beach, the trainer will push you with aerobic moves, lunges, and crunches. After the workout you will feel the benefit for your stomach, legs, and butt!

30-Minute Bodyweight HIIT Burner (30 Mins)

Your trainer will take you through a range of bodyweight movements with Strength, Cardio and Core included.

30-Minute HIIT Bodyweight Blast (30 Mins)

Your trainer takes you through a short, sharp and effective routine. This class includes a combo of bodyweight Strength, Cardio, and Plyometrics in each circuit.

Bodytoning (45mins) Intermediate

Designed to build strength, endurance and balance from the inside out. Using body weight resistance you will get a full body workout.

Bootcamp (30 Mins)

James ‘the beast’ pushes you to your limit with explosive bodyweight exercises from prison squats and mountain climbers; to spiderman pushups. This is a high intensity full body bodyweight workout.

BoxxHIIT30 - Full body (30 Mins)

Shadow boxing paired with HIIT movements to get your brain and body working. Learn boxing combinations and feel like a champion while doing it!

BoxxKICK30 - Full Body (30 Mins)

Your trainers combine MMA rounds with HIIT exercises to get your full body moving. Bring on that knockout power!

Burning HIIT Cardio (30 Mins)

A bodyweight workout with beginners to advance exercise variations. Get your heart rate up and body moving!

Cardio-Kickboxing and Core (30 mins)

Coach Natalie takes you through some cardio kickboxing-inspired movements, paired with martial arts core exercises.

Fight Challenge – (28 Mins) Advanced

James ‘The Beast’ – The punching and kicking techniques of this fighting workout will challenge you. Explosive pushups and serious striking combinations to push you to your limit!

Fight React and Recover (27mins) Everyone

Cardio conditioning, strength and stability with lower body kicks. You are led through the importance of intentional recovery.

Get in Shape Boxing (30mins) Intermediate

The best exercises from boxing and other martial arts, designed to give you a tough and sweaty workout.

High Intensity Plyo (30mins) Advanced

Ramp up your heart beat in his interval class that will push your limits and leave you feeling energized.

Interval Blast (30mins) Everyone

A quick workout designed to get your body working and burning those calories.

Kick it! (56mins) Advanced

Your fitness will be put to the test with martial arts moves combined with effective strengthening exercises. Use kicks and punches to defeat an imaginary enemy.

Mama Cardio Burn (30mins) Everyone

Suitable for Pre Natal. Bounce free interval training. Get the endurance you’ll need for delivery and post baby.

Muay Thai (18mins) Beginner:

Get the basics right. If you’re new to Thai boxing then this session is a must. Christ will put you through your paces while working on the basics.

Niagara Cardio (30mins) Everyone

Get your heart rate up with Simple and Easy moves to follow.

Power Step Express (30 mins)

Functional, athletic, and time-efficient training. Working on your cardio, strength, balance, and agility through multi-plane step and floor patterns. Strengthening legs and glutes, whilst upping your heart rate and coordination with step routines.

Pushup Workout – (12mins) Intermediate

A challenging workout. Learn how to do a variety of push variations to strengthen your shoulders and core.

Rock ‘em, sock ‘em, Kickbox (48mins) Advanced

Cardio based punching and kicking drills and kickbox blasts keeps you sweating throughout.

Sport Step – (30min) everyone

Metabolic Resistance Training. Designed to strengthen and tone the legs in every plane of motion. No fancy footwork, just you and the step.

Step Up Miami/Downtown LA (25 mins)

These classes have dynamic step routines and a motivational trainer. Beginning with basic steps to improve your coordination, while knee repeaters increase your heart rate and endurance – aims to strengthen your glutes and leg strength.

DANCE Cardio:

Aerobics (30 mins)

Enjoy this modernized, upbeat, and cardio-based workout. Inspired aerobic movements for total body conditioning and coordination.

Around the world (27mins) Everyone

Enjoy some ethnic dynamic movements from different corners of the world.

Ballet Fit – (27 Mins) Beginner

A combination of standard ballet poses and movements from Pilates. No previous experience necessary for this workout! This workout will strengthen your posture and tone and sculpt your figure.

Dance/Cardio (27mins) Everyone

Perform Aerobic moves with a funky twist. Get ready to shake a shimmy.

Fitness Dance – (45mins) – Beginner

Dance routines inspired by latin flare, mambas and cha chas. The focus is on having fun while burning off those calories.

Jamaican Dance – (26mins) Beginner

A nonstop dance party! Swing your hips to hot Jamaican rhythms while improving your stamina and co-ordination.

Move It - Hip Hop – (28 Mins) Beginner

Move your entire body to casual beats and improve your endurance. Fast high energy dance moves from the Miami punch to the kickball slide. A routine that you will get the hang of in no time at all.

Movez Dance –(47mins) Beginner

Street dance styles in aerobic fitness class.