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YOU are unique and there is no other person exactly the same as YOU in the entire world. This is shown in something as tiny as your finger-print. Yet in saying this many of the struggles, challenges, and the things you aspire to be and do, others have also tackled and succeeded in.


Over the 35 years of operating Club Physical we have met, listened to, and coached many thousands. It’s clear that although the medical profession and our understanding of the body are far advanced from earlier days, in many things we are still quite primitive, and cures often ‘hit and miss’. So we need to make the best of what we know so far, and use this information to make the wisest decisions.


I’ve had the privilege to be able to learn and to experience a few things about ‘wellness’ that might help YOU. These have been put into words in the following selection of small books.


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Paul – CEO

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