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11 Health, Fitness & Wellness trends to kick-off 2024

In the fast-changing world around us, there is one constant growing passion. And that’s the desire by almost ALL of us to be able to enjoy good health, long term. The interest in holistic wellness is on a steep growth curve. As predicted a few years back we are now living in the ‘Wellness Revolution’.

Now, how do the world’s leading health-fitness trends compare to your own goals and aspirations for the months ahead?

Focus on longevity – Increased ‘movement’ to stay youthful and well with a rapid uptake in strength-training for the over-50’s. Greater emphasis will also be made on protein intake for over 50’s, as many have been found lacking.

Recovery – will be the buzzword for those who want health and fitness improvement. Athletes will use the hot/cold practice to speed-up progress and those injured will recognize the benefits of the ice-bath and infrared saunas. ‘Rest-days’ should not be skipped. They are as important as training. Find out about our Recovery Room

Wellness Community – People will fulfil the ‘friendship drought’ created as a result of the lockdowns so vital for mental health and emotional support.

Gamification and personalized feedback – will be increasingly popular, enabled by wearable technology.  Tech that enables you to compete with friends, to receive feedback, tracking and that fosters a sense of community.

The desire for Improved mobility, strength and agility, will see huge growth in YOGA and PILATES.

Strength Training for women will grow in popularity. Undeniably holistic, this will increase bone-density, cardiac-health and mental health and can be achieved within a valuable peer supported community.

Body Scan feedback – growing numbers will benefit the AI enabled technology providing your up-to-date personalized metrics. There will be less guesswork when goal setting for specific outcomes.

Steady state cardio – while the higher intensity HIIT style workouts will also grow in popularity, there will be an even greater uptake of the low-impact, slow to medium intensity treadmill walking/running, cross-trainer and cycle. These are heart-friendly and comfortable for all.

Virtual Fitness – will increase I popularity. Classes when you want them do have the advantage of convenience and variety. You can also experience the exhilaration of exercising in other countries.

Hybridized functional fitness – There will be larger numbers focusing on injury prevention while using a variety of exercise forms tailored to support lifestyle needs. For example, increased balance between stretching, functional movements, weights, cardio/fitness, balance-moves and core.

Knockout fitness – Increased popularity in boxing and martial art style of training.  The benefits will be stress-relief, increased cardiac-fitness, balance, self-defense and a sense of empowerment.

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