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40 Year Celebration: When Henderson Police Joined

In 1984 Raro Tevita (top right) urged his buddies in the HENDERSON POLICE to join TOP SHAPE. Raro himself was an incredibly tough individual. I first met him when attending Jack Simm’s famous Chidokan Karate School in Albert Street, Auckland City. Raro was a Black-Belt instructor who took no prisoners. In the karate stance known as Zenkutsu-dachi, if your rear leg was bent, you could expect a solid kick from Raro. It was the quickest way to learn that your supporting leg should be braced.

I recall one day after receiving urgent complaints from several women in the club, I cornered a purse snatching guy. He escaped my grip and ran and hid inside a ladies’ toilet cubicle. I informed Raro who just happened to be training in the gym. Raro followed me into the ladies changing room and leapt up on top of the cubicle, reaching down, he ……… well let’s just say that I doubt the offender would engage in snatching people’s belongings again. Raro later agreed to help us teach our instructor Clara Thomsen to develop our newest idea – ‘KARATE AEROBICS’. Then one day when I was completing a heavy deadlift in the gym, I seriously injured my lower back. Unable to walk, Raro, who again just happened to be in the gym, carried me to the doctor further down Ratanui Street. A while later married one of our members and last time, I saw him he was involved in the security sector.

Throughout JUNE and JULY Club Physical will celebrate YOU, our valued members and salute the rich history of people, like Raro who have enabled the club to succeed.

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