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8 Ways Exercise Will Keep You Well This Winter

With the sudden drop in temperature, it’s a good time to reinforce your immune system. Here’s eight ways that regular exercise, will keep you healthy:

  1. Improved circulation; Exercise increases your blood flow promoting better circulation of immune cells
  2. Reduced inflammation; Regular physical activity reduces chronic inflammation, creating a favourable environment for your immune system to operate
  3. Exercise lowers stress; Triggering natural endorphins, lifting your mood and strengthening your immune system
  4. Enhanced cell function; Exercise boosts the performance of your immune cells
  5. Regulation of immune response; Exercise regulates your immune system, preventing it from becoming overactive. This balance is crucial for optimal immune function
  6. Temporary boost in immune cells; During and immediately after exercise, the number of immune cells in your bloodstream can increase significantly
  7. Improved sleep; Regular physical activity can improve sleep quality. Good sleep is essential for a healthy immune system
  8. Maintenance of a healthy body-weight; Exercise helps to maintain a healthy body-weight, important for immune function and in preventing obesity

While moderate exercise is beneficial, it’s important to note that excessive exercise without rest can actually suppress immune function. Therefore a balanced approach is essential to support your immune system. Exercising most days of the week for 30-60 minutes, for a moderate to vigorous workout is generally recommended for optimal immune health.

The practice of jumping into ice-cold sea, then hot spas and saunas, is widely thought to be an ‘immune booster’ in the Nordic countries. The photo shows several from Club Physical recently experiencing this first hand, in Sweden

Try some cold exposure for yourself at the club in our Recovery Room

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