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A Balanced Approach

The Chinese philosophical concept of opposite but connected forces, Yin, and Yang, could be seen as a wise way to balance your weekly workout programme?

Listening to MYZONE educator Dr Jesse Thomas, he talks about the benefits of the training strategy of periodization. In brief, you have a physiological goal. It’s unwise to put 100% of your force and effort into every workout and then to expect never-ending progress towards that goal. You will progress, strengthen, and become fitter, faster if you vary the exercise intensity, and even the exercises themselves. There are gym-members who continue to press through identical high-intensity workouts day-after-day. And while, your self-discipline in doing this is respected and admired, you would be wise to alter the speed, pace, weight, and the exercises on a regular basis.

Many athletes will pound, pound, pound on the heavy weights, their sport or punching bag without ever doing the opposite. The relaxation and the stretching. Many activities shorten the muscle. The ideal is to place in your programme a daily, lengthening of the muscle. Year after year of muscle shortening and compounding exercises can and will lead to reduced mobility and agility later-on in life.

Similarly, make sure you have a not-negotiable rest day each week. The hard and the soft, the Yin and the Yang make for a well-balanced programme and a long and healthy life.

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