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What are you prepared to give up for a better future?

A few years back we enrolled a Tax Inspector named John at the club. John had goal to reduce his ‘pot belly’. I admit to being younger, more naive and a little intimidated by what John did for a job, wouldn’t you? I hoped that we were doing everything by the book and that I never got on his wrong side. More scary was his manner. John was one of those guys that seemed to have a permanent ‘scowl’on his face.

I tried hard to cater for John’s goal. Assessed him, coached him, and took an interest in his regular visits. But after about six weeks John, rather grumpily yapped at me “Your programme’s not working! I haven’t lost my pot.”

Concerned by his demeanor I went through a checklist of what he was doing in the gym AND the changes, adaptions we had made with his eating habits. I was bamboozled. He replied gruffly “I’m doing that” to every one of my points. I felt inadequate and began to have doubts in my own ability.

Then as John impatiently grabbed his bag and began to walk towards the door of the gym he muttered “I’m not giving up my home brew”.

I turned, “What’s that John. You drink home brew?”. “Yes he said…’s my hobby”.

You and I know that beer is probably the single most identifiable cause of the NZ males spreading waistline, known by most as the beer-belly; caused by excessive and regular drinking of this high calorie, high sugar brew. John had a choice to make. What choices might YOU need to make for a better, healthier life TODAY?

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