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A Royal Flush

Earlier this week at a Club Physical founded TOASTMASTERS meeting I was given the instant speech topic of ‘The Queen’. The concept of these ‘Table Topics’ is to increase your skills and confidence in being able to communicate opinions and ideas without notice to an audience. The experience forced me to think on my feet about my own life experience of ‘The Queen’. I recall as a boy, going to the movies at Auckland’s Civic Theatre where the entire audience would first stand to the music ‘God Save the Queen’. Again, I recalled her Christmas messages and other broadcast speeches to be carefully spoken and laced with wisdom and obvious love for our people and our planet. I realized that she has always been a respected monarch, known for her stability and wisdom. Although, it is the 600,000 businesses in New Zealand that will be paying for it, it is right that we commemorate her life and influence with the holiday, Sept 26th.

In thinking about the Royal Family and about the great amount of charitable work they do, we question ‘Do they also enjoy the benefits of exercise, a good sweat and feeling ‘Flush’?’. Famously, around 1992, Princess Diana was secretly filmed on a leg press by a New Zealander Manager hidden in the ceiling of a London Gym. Diana had been a keen gym-goer. We’re not so sure after her photo was subsequently sold to and featured in The Daily Mirror. Then, although concerned with their privacy, there are enough snippets (some shown above) to show that most of the younger Royals do indeed enjoy a good workout, just as you and I do.

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