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A scientific solution to your troubled mind, if you chose it!

By the time two workmates and I surrounded him, and Brian (my Boss) ordered him to throw his knife down, there was no hope left for his wife. Quietly focused on the paperwork in my Social Welfare Auckland City office the silence had been shattered by blood curdling screams. I had quickly ran to investigate. But no one should ever have to witness what I saw.

It was 1pm and the minute the Police came, speaking to no-one, I walked into the office, grabbed my bag, and whilst deeply troubled with a fire in my head I strode quickly down Queens Street to Federal Street and took my troubles to the weight room at Clive Green’s. Nothing would stand in my way. I loaded the bars, I heaved, breathed, focused and sweated and over 90 minutes completely worked the stress away. All that remained was an extreme sadness and a disappointment in my fellow man. No counselling was ever offered. I have successfully repeated this method daily throughout my often turbulent career. It is proven upon proven. It’s guaranteed and it works!

As every one of YOU know, in life, things don’t always go all that smoothly. People do make mistakes and tough times do happen. How we cope is a matter of mental resilience and mental health. Sometimes incidents are within our control, other times not. And we deal with the challenges in a variety of ways, some of them detrimental to our health. But YOU have the choice to take the most effective, speedy, healthy, drug-free method available ……a gym workout.

The workout is the ultimate PANACEA for your body and mind. It’s your scientific solution to managing your health through all of the ups and downs of life. The benefits to you and all those around you are priceless.

How exercise boosts your mind and body – TED talk by Lauren Parsons


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