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People are at their best when there is a universal ‘challenge’. This was clearly shown directly after September 11th 2001 in New York. It was a busy morning at Club Physical when SKY TV began reporting on the sudden carnage. The whole gym, stood still and watched, mouths open in astonishment and unified in their concern.

In the immediate days that followed, health club patronage in New York City grew around 26%. People were suddenly compelled to be among others within a positive and protected environment. Events like catastrophes and war tend to bond people together. We begin to forget petty complaints, instead to value good health and the company of others.

This was the type of compelling unity I personally felt today at a meeting with Auckland business leaders in Greenhithe. It excited me immensely to find we now universally shared a mix of keen and common interests. These were; (1) a vital interest that we eat the right foods to be as healthy as we can be (2) a concern that our choices be sustainable (3) and a surprisingly strong will by ALL to eliminate products that are not good or lead to high waste in the environment.

This is the type of discussion that will lift the world, save our planet and help us to live longer, healthful lives. These are now universal concerns. Exciting days ahead!


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