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Another reason to make your workout priority


Years ago, after my grandfather died in his mid-90’s I was given his Gold Watch. The inscription read ‘Awarded to David following 50 years of service and no sick days’.  Granddads job was to stock chemist shops throughout the country which he did year round by wagon and horse-back. Clearly he was an active man who would have ridden through all weather conditions. The challenging circumstances and the active lifestyle kept him well with a strong immune system.

Exercise is medicine, and combined with healthy eating, a positive attitude and a strong sense of purpose, you should stay well.  If you workout five times a week for at least 30 minutes a time, you lower the chance of illness by 37%! Physical activity not only strengthens muscles and bones, but it strengthens your immune system. This is according to  thirty five randomised, independent controlled trials (the Gold standard in research). Physical inactivity is responsible for five million premature deaths each year world-wide.  Whereas physical ‘activity’ reduces your risk of dying from an infectious disease by more than a third!

Everything YOU do in life, the people you love, the impact you make, the things you achieve, are dependant on you being alive and well enough to be involved. Looking after your health is the baseline. Make the changes you need TODAY.

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