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Are Antidepressants Really Necessary?

Are Antidepressants Really Necessary?

How is your mood today? Have you been feeling negative or depressed?

The jogging craze began years ago in late 1960’s and soon after people began to understand that exercise caused them to ‘feel good’, mentally. Not long after, it was realised that exercise created what is now called the endorphin effect.

But interestingly, if you do tend to feel depressed it could be all within your imagination. A study was conducted recently where doctors substituted a pill for depression with a placebo. They also experimented with different colours of pills. Amazingly it was found that large ‘blue’ placebos had the best positive effect on people who were depressed. And this worked on most people treated.

So there you have it. If you want to ‘feel better’ today, either go for a healthy life-giving workout or swallow a big blue pill.



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