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Are YOU eating your veges?

Half of the results you can get by adopting a healthy lifestyle will be from exercise and simply by moving more. The other half is by being smart about what you eat. Carley Nicholson spoke this week about the incredible benefits of increasing your daily vegetable intake. “We are eating fewer vegetables than at any time in history” she said. “Yet the longest living people in the world from the island of Okinawa, eat vegetables up to fifteen times a day!” Carley then spoke about the wide-ranging nutritional benefits offered by fruit and veges and about the ‘challenge’ with inspiring your children to eat their veges.  Carley gave three actionable ideas to try;
1/ Make them tasty – you can add herbs, grated cheese, seeds
2/ Make eating veges FUN – for example, create a rainbow of colours or chop them and place them of a skewer
3/ Have some veges with ‘every meal – take a carrot to  work

Let’s face it, your life is priceless and any effort to improve your health is a great investment. The simple challenge to YOU this week is to increase your vege intake.

Side note; The less processed, the better. If cooked, steaming is better than boiling to retain vitamins. And, sorry, chips don’t count. –  Carley is a member of the Club Physical sponsored DAIRY FLAT TOASTMASTERS and
Toastmasters in West Auckland 

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