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In a time, unprecedented in the world, at the time of writing fifteen million Australian’s are in lockdown and the people of Fiji, in a state of desperation. People are being isolated at a time when they need community support the most. The most vulnerable, those in poor health, obesity, the very young and the elderly are the most ‘at risk’.

Lisa Carrington inspired New Zealand this month with her mental discipline, her strength, agility, persistence and not the least, her fitness. Fitness is THE key ingredient to winning in sport and in many aspects of ‘life’. Your level of fitness and mental tenacity will help you bounce back from almost any situation life throws at you. This is true as I have proven it on myself and witnessed it proven in others.

It is the most important time of YOUR LIFE to become healthy and strong. To build your immune system and your ability to recover quickly. If your inner voice is causing you to procrastinate or to make excuses for not exercising, that voice is your enemy. Don’t let it control you. Be decisive. Take charge. Section off an hour a day to improve your health. Just do it!


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