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Are you in “Balance?”


If you’re like most people, you’ll have a good idea of your current bank ‘balance’. But did you know that a decline in your ‘physical balance’ and slowing gait speed (speed you walk) could limit your life by a whooping fourteen years.  An AUT Research group has found that slowing gait corresponds with a mild cognitive decline. This can be picked up ten years before a GP could normally diagnose the problem! A failing sense of ‘balance’ is a further sign of decline. The GOOD NEWS is that exercise improves brain flow and gait speed releasing natural chemicals for brain health. Brain health is vital for good functionality. Strength and functionality are key to a long healthy life.

Practice your sense of balance during or at the end of your workouts. For instance, if you are doing a quadricep stretch, try to avoid holding a support beam while focussing on a spot in front of you. Perhaps attend the YOGA, BARRE or PILATES classes where ‘balance’ is often included as part of the routine.

The one time that ‘balance’ may not be the recommended path is in your career. Famed educator – Robert Kyosaki says that many of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs were high achievers because they learned to focus on their one major objective. They didn’t exactly lead a ‘balanced life’, hence, like many top sports-people,  they got extraordinary results.  But in the meantime, we recommend you include ‘balance’ as an ingredient in your workout routine.


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