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Are YOU living in the ‘Zone’?

In last weeks newsletter we suggested that, if you are extending your life with regular exercise, that this extra time could contribute to a life of  increased ‘significance’ – making a positive impact in this World.  

Then on Thursday, Mental Health Counsellor Melissa spoke about the ‘Blue Zones’ in her speech at the Club Physical founded Toastmaster Club, WAKE-UP.COMMUNICATE. Melissa highlighted a National Geographic feature on the five longest living populations of the World. Researcher Dan Buettner lived among and studied the lifestyles of these people to discover the reasons for the abundance of centurions living today in these zones.  What are some of their secrets to a very long and active life?

Aside from maintaining physical lifestyles here are some of the keys. They often lived in faith based communities. Older people maintained their ‘significance’ investing time actively caring for grandchildren. Grandparents remained in family homes, helping and being involved.  They ate very healthily, with meals dominated by high fibre plant based foods. They socialised regularly with family and friends often including a glass of red wine. And they appeared to manage potential stress by having a ‘sense of purpose’. They took naps and they prayed.  The keys to longevity seem to be fairly simple. Have any of these made a positive impact in your own life and health?

View here a short and compelling video of the impact of ‘fibre’ in the diets of people in The Blue Zones.

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