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Are you living with stress?


Thousands of years ago the stresses of daily life were of absolute survival. Will I eat today? Or will I risk being eaten? You either solved the issue within a relatively short time, or you no longer lived to worry about it.


With much of the same bodies today, we now live in societies where stress can be the result of a prolonged unsolved problem. This can lead to adrenal fatigue; characterized by physical and emotional demands that appear to exceed your ability. Signs of this could be lack of energy, weakness, insomnia, and not feeling rested after sleep. If that sounds familiar to you, try the following solutions:


Practice deep breathing – feel the breath deep down in your diaphragm. Exercise, but not to the point of exhaustion. Sleep when you feel tired. Eat lots of healthy green nutrient dense foods. Avoid alcohol or coffee. Think about what you are feeling and how you are responding to pressure situations. Make a serious attempt to respond differently.


While some stress in life is positive, causing us to perform at a higher level; the stress described above can be damaging to your health and to relationships with those around you. Take positive action today.



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