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Are you thriving in wellness?

A recent Gallop poll sought to determine the wellbeing of respondents with dramatic results. Only 4% of American adults considered themselves as ‘thriving’ in physical wellbeing.

A Kiwi survey would likely have a similar outcome. CEO of IHRSA (International Health Club Association) Brent Darden wrote this month ‘There are several common elements to wellbeing that most would agree are a thriving part of life. How would you rate yourself with these?

  • Family wellbeing: You spend quality time together and nurture positive relationships
  • Spiritual wellbeing: You have faith in a higher power and guiding values
  • Social wellbeing: You feel part of the community and have meaningful relationships
  • Physical wellbeing: You prioritize your health and are able to move easily and participate in desired activities
  • Mental wellbeing: You find ways to manage stress and maintain a sense of peace and positivity
  • Professional wellbeing: You like what you do and find it rewarding and meaningful
  • Financial wellbeing: You live within your means and manage your money well
  • Adventure wellbeing: You have fun and take time to relax, refresh and recharge

How did you go with this? It could be that someone who achieves a level of wellbeing with their nutrition and exercise could also feel despondent about work and may not enjoy a fulfilling social life.

Not only could this person be struggling but these chronic issues can ultimately affect your physical health.  It’s easily understandable how the matters of life can drift ‘out-of-whack’, which might be the reason why you’re not feeling as well as you’d like.

Perhaps, the small list above might help you pinpoint an area of need?

Club Physical’s new Wellness Support Team can help return your life balance


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