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Are You Training Holistically

There are several components within the exercise part of your training for ultimate health.

There’s cardio-fitness. This largely impacts your heart-muscle and the ability of your heart to reliably and efficiently pump oxygenated blood throughout your body. Remember, this includes your ‘brain’ and fit people are often obvious by their mental sharpness, awareness and positive mood.

Cardio Training as a group also enhances your mood and for those who now wear MYZONE you will have become aware of the number of calories you can burn during an exercise class like FLEX (usually 350-500 calories).

Then there’s strength, all the more important and helpful as you age. Weight-training helps prevent osteoporosis – a brittleness of bones usually associated with aging. Even fairly severe cases can be reversed by weight-training. I personally know two older women who only this week broke bones (Dianne and Lynn); a Henderson businesswomen who tripped and broke her arm and another who broke her ribs after a small fall. Neither work-out. Weight-training has a wonderful effect on stress relief and on developing a sense of composure and control. Increased muscle also speeds up your body’s metabolism, meaning you feel more energised and burn more calories ALL day-long!

Many members over-look the benefit of stretching before rushing out of the club on the way to their days agenda. Ideally you need to allow 5-10 minutes of calm, patient dedicated stretching after EVERY workout. This is an overlooked ingredient to keep you agile and in good shape.

Having a protein supplement or protein meal (especially plant derived) shortly after weight-training will bolster your results. Drinking plenty of water will help keep you fresh, hydrated and energised. And eating plenty of salads and fresh food is best for your health. Nutrition is a BIG component for good health.

Then, how is the quality of your SLEEP?

In a report just release researchers have discovered that people who had higher scores for sleep health were far more likely to achieve both their weight-loss goals and their daily exercise plans. They recommend aiming to go to bed at a similar time each night, allowing you to enjoy 7-9 hours sleep. Better sleep also pumps up your immune system.

At Club Physical, our hope and plan is to serve YOU well by encouraging all of these life-promoting disciplines. Hope this helps!

The World Economic Forum just released this!

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