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Are you under control?


Age-old advice is to ‘Have a ‘gentle attitude. Being gentle doesn’t mean that you should be weak. The Greek interpretation of gentleness is actually ‘strength under control’. It pictures a wild stallion that has been tamed. Gentleness is restraining your reactions. It’s choosing your response to people, rather than reacting to them.

Gym training, in particular, weight training not only builds your strength, it builds your self-discipline. And you need to be quietly and consistently under control to preform your repetitions and to avoid injury. Not only do you benefit from a stronger mind, as you leave the gym you feel an incredible sense of fulfilment, relaxation and mental calm.  The challenge then, is to maintain this discipline, this ‘skill’ beyond the gym, as you return home to your family or when you head out for social activities. Be wary of alcohol or drugs causing you to lose control and perhaps even harming those who love you most.

As a Club Physical Member be the person who commands respect through his or her quiet wisdom, kindness and mental calm. That’s true strength. And that’s what will make YOU a LEADER.


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