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One of the most helpful benefits for committing to a regular exercise programme as you age is that it will help you to retain your ‘balance’. It’s a skill that, when lacking can lead to your demise.  A fall due to lack of balance in old age can lead to a broken hip. This can severely shorten your life.

Over the last few weeks I’ve personally had some insight, looking at the lives of famous and successful people such as New Zealand’s Sir Robert Jones, Movie Mogul Harvey Weinstein and Sir Ron Brierley. While there’s no doubt that Robert is a good bloke, there’s also no doubt that he has invested a large portion of his life focused on amassing a reals-estate fortune. Brierley was a darling of the share market for his exploits, also amassing a huge fortune. Then there’s the infamous Weinstein who, through his disrespect for women has inspired such dread, that a Worldwide movement has evolved because of him.

Having once read Robert Jones’s book I felt somewhat sad to see him televised in his senior years struggling last month with a make-shift ear-piece in court. Then Brierley went to court with his collection of child pornography. What a gigantic fall for a once proud human.

There is a possible lesson in thinking about their lives. Could it be, that it’s OK to desire to get ahead, to be successful and to work hard. But that is only part of life. Its only part of what makes a man or a person count. It’s about WHO YOU ARE inside – your real character. How much do you love and respect others. It’s about integrity and ‘balance’. Because, one day soon, you will be older. Will you be able to be proud of what you have done and who you have become?

A regular exercise programme is just one ingredient that helps to instil ‘Balance’ into your life.


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