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Be patient and enjoy long lasting ‘results’

So, you’ve finally decided to get physical with your weight-loss goal. You’ve got twenty kilos to lose and you want it done NOW! In order to get the rapid results you crave, I hope you’ll realize that you will probably need to go through some radical changes to the way you move, how often you move, and importantly, what, when and how much you eat. The thing about rapid weight loss is that, unless you latch on and make a habit of some very healthy lifestyle changes, THAT YOU CAN MAINTAIN LONG TERM, the rapid reduction you’ve been wanting will only be temporary. Often referred to as the Yo-Yo effect.

For long-term, lasting results it might be better to develop patienceconsistency, and persistence and be satisfied with a weight drop of just half a kilo a week. Quick math shows that already, you have a nine-month- goal. And then you would be wise to allow for the occasional ‘plateau’, where you might need the odd tweak to your workout plan to continue getting results. Twelfth months for a twenty-kilo loss might be more realistic. But in doing so, the efforts and changes you have made should by then be ingrained and have become a habit – your new ‘lifestyle’. Getting your family trained, supportive, and in sync with this might be your biggest challenge.

Losing weight, becoming fitter, and gaining strength requires patience and persistence to the point of becoming part of your daily life. And having your loved ones backing you up will be key.

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