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Become a river, not a reservoir


When you join the Transformation, your initial motivation will be ‘personal’. It’s all about ‘how to reduce your weight, increase your fitness, reduce your waist, to improve your health.’ You are hungry to get results into your reservoir of personal dreams and needs. But soon after you start a funny thing happens. You begin to experience the team environment.

Suddenly it’s no longer all about YOU as you start to share your goals and listen to the goals of others. The ‘me’ becomes ‘us’. Incredibly, people quickly begin to encourage one-another and even look forward to working-out with their new friends at the next training.

Pretty soon, your thinking is no longer a reservoir of your personal needs. You become more like a river, encouraging and motivating others, as well as receiving encouragement in return. And it doesn’t stop there. Your river of positive energy begins to flow into your workmates lives and into your family.

Tracey Gooderham (42) said “It’s been fantastic for the kids to see that healthy eating and exercise is the way forward to a happy, healthy life. My relationship with my husband and children has improved ten-fold!”

Become a river of positive influence this year. Lead by example and encourage, help and inspire others to do the same. Your Transformation starts Feb 18th!



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