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Better than a Pill


Not meaning to be fasciscious, but if you haven’t been having this regularly, you are short-changing yourself. Of course, I’m speaking of a ‘weights workout’. In his early documentary ‘Pumping Iron’, Arnold Schwarzenegger made a comparison between sex and ‘working out’ with words I won’t repeat here. The point is the ‘pump’ you receive from the workout is the most satisfying, longer-lasting, mentally refreshing, and healthful experience you can have. It’s better for YOU than Prosac and you get a longer life as a bonus!

I have proven and re-proven the above thousands of times over with the predictable result described. All stress and anxiety GONE IN 60 MINUTES! I am totally sold and YES, if you are not sold already, I do want to sell this to YOU.

Even this week three people have told made similar statements to me, “My mind has been spinning in circles. I’ve been in a state of confusion”. There must be many more with these anxieties – perhaps even YOU?

You and I are living in stressful times caused by uncertainty, threats to our health, troubles in America and other countries, political decisions, and concerns about global warming. Yet, let me assure you, that if you fall into the ‘stressed’ category, do begin engaging in a weights-workout, perhaps alternate days with a cardio workout on ‘between days’ for your heart-health. And of course, you do need the company of others. Being a hermit, cut-off, and locked down, isn’t healthy; probably far more harmful than the virus itself. Place a ‘weights-workout’ firmly into your weekly game-plan. This will be the only ‘pill’ you need for sanity, to anchor yourself and to feel mental calm, in control, and at peace.


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