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Have our heard the ads constantly urging you to get your whanau ‘boosted’? Isn’t it all the more important, to inspire your family to get ‘fit’. In other words, naturally BOOSTED.

There’s a couple of good ways to introduce your partners, teens, brothers, sisters, mates, cousins.  One is to bring them along with you on ‘Friends FREE Friday’. This will cost you NOTHING. All YOU need to do is to sign them in AND take responsibility for their guidance and coaching. The second way, better for longer term, is to upgrade your membership to WINNERS. Then you can add your valued friend or family member for NO EXTRA COST. They get their own membership card, can YOU BOTH can attend all of the classes and come anytime you want.

Regular workouts BOOST your strength, fitness, agility and importantly release stress and help you keep you well, mentally. No pills needed. The club atmosphere and vibe provides plenty of positive roll models. It’s a place of action and motivation. Scientists have shown that exercise BOOSTS your immune system, naturally. This was evident with a high proportion of those who contracted severe COVID being people who already had poor health and perhaps diabetes.
Be a person of positive influence today.

Pic: The 6am X45 whanau at Te Atatu


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