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Bringing YOU into The Zone for 2023!

The pandemic has been a catalyst in bringing mental health to the forefront. At a time when the World is struggling to keep a semblance of normalcy, working out is playing a bigger role in helping people create structure and stress release.

At Club Physical, we’ve witnessed a major shift from aesthetic goals to fitness as a pillar to a healthy body, mind, and the benefit of a positive, supportive community. For 2023 we’re forecasting a growth in the relationship-based GROUPX classes, Pilates, Yoga, Flex, etc., and in XRIDE, X45, and more.

To accompany this, Club Physical is excited to announce that January will see the launch of MYZONE for members! This is world-class high-tech addition to enabling YOU to receive instant feedback and tracking towards your membership goals.
And as far as any ‘recession’ goes, we’re not joining it. 2023 is going to be an exciting and inspiring New Year. Merry Christmas!

NOTE: MYZONE belts NOW AVAILABLE …. Buy yours at reception!
$79.99 Each (Chest Strap – MZ-1)

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