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Building your immunity


Exercise is the super-drug. Every regular exerciser who has mastered their first six week of self-doubt and adopted this daily discipline will assure you, ‘they feel better with it!’

Experts have regularly told us that 60-70% of patients are in hospital through events that they could have prevented by making the life-style choice of regular exercise.

It is topical now, but did you know that exercise BOOSTS your immune system? Even a single workout can amplify your ability to fight off germs. If you are fit and strong it will be less likely that you will get sick. And if you do get sick or injured, you will recover faster.

You will live longer and stay active to do the things you love with the people you love. Exercise is the only true health insurance.

Everyday my family and I live our lives knowing without doubt that ‘exercise is the best medicine’. Stay well!

Meanwhile, here’s how your immune system works? 


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