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Can you see beauty in the chaos of life?


Have you ever had difficulty in being able to appreciate some of the ‘art’ you see in galleries? You’re not alone. Yet somehow, the artist and many of the connoisseurs are able to see and to interperate things through different eyes. To you and I, this painting may look like chaos. It might even look like a child of five has been let loose with water colours; while others are amazed at it’s beauty.

Right now your own life might be just like this painting. It may seem ‘chaotic’. You might be anxious, full of doubt and wondering if you are making the best move with no end in sight?

You might have finally got up the courage to join Club Physical, Great. Yet, to improve your health the effort seems all so hard?  Then with a myriad of other things happening in your life it could be all too easy for you to reason that you ‘just don’t have enough time’.

Can I persuade you today to seek the ‘beauty in the chaos’. Begin to appreciate the moment when you are actually moving your body and exercising as you know you should. Weather you are walking on the beach, a bush track, a treadmill or among others in a PILATES class begin to enjoy ‘right here, right now’ and the fact that you are actually fully capable of continuing to do this for YOUR HEALTH.

Like an artist, begin to see that, although there may be numerous potential distractions in your life, you are actually painting a picture – and that picture is the picture of your health.


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