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YOU and I are a complex of organisms made up of 30 trillion cells. Each cell has it’s own function, structure and specialized purpose. These cells work in harmony to carry out all of the basic functions to help you to survive. In fact there are thousands of rarely acknowledged ‘duties’ that happen without you knowing, as you make your way through each day.

Each cell is like a small city with numerous activities initiated by each member of the cell, with its own function. To fully explain these incredible actions requires a study. But it doesn’t take long to realize our responsibility, if you desire the best level of health and fitness. Consider the statement ‘these cells work in harmony’. Can you imagine the inner disruption caused by say, having an argument, in comparison to the sense of peace created by a YOGA class?

Or can you imagine the chemical reactions created in your body when you are under extreme negative stress? Then compare this to the overwhelming sense of calm and control you always enjoy when you have completed a weight training session?

Similarly, can you see how not drinking enough water might inhibit the millions of hourly chemical functions of your body. And further, how injecting too much sugar or junk food might reduce the level of wellness you would otherwise feel?

You really do possess a miracle body. You and I can make it easier for our bodies to function if we in turn, exercise regularly, eat wholesome nutritious food, think positively and seek peace of mind in what we do. If you want to be healthy, it’s your responsibility.


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