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Changing your game for 2020


Since the founding of Club Physical it became obvious while working with thousands of members that what you eat, will deliver at least half of your results. What you put into your mouth can either extend your life, or shorten it.

It was 1988 when Tina and I visited the home of Richard and Anne Lowe, members of our Lincoln Road club. After enjoying a beautiful plant based dinner Richard shared a medical book with me. The book displayed altopsys of people who had died from intestinal cancer. Doctors discovered charoaled meat within the tract, up to a month old. Richard talked about how the bodily make-up of carnivores differed to plant eating animals and gave many examples. Up until that time I had been known to eat up to three steaks a day!

The day after this visit I became a vegetarian and have been so ever since. I’ve been happy to keep this relatively private because I’m fully aware that everyone has their own preferences. But I am extremely interested in everything to do with good health. That’s why we chose to throw our lives into Club Physical.

Painstaking research provided in the book ‘The China Study’, written by a former Chief Nutritionist for the US Government convinced me that too much ‘dairy’ in ones diet can have dier consequences to your health.

Then a strange thing happened late last year. People, lots of people from all walks of life started telling me to watch this new documentary called Game Changers. And I did, along with my entire family. The movie had a profound impact on all of us. But most being athletes with daily training schedules one of the first questions became “How can we ensure to get good quality plant based protein?”.

Long story short, is that the decision was made to research, seek out and to provide the best quality selection of plant based protein available not only for our family, but to others who may be interested.  In three short minutes YOU can see what’s hooked our interest:  GAME CHANGERS


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