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Choose your own headline

Last week a guy called the Rock Radio Station to share an experience he had just had. The young man was feeling down about the Lockdown and the negative news being pumped through the media. He shared his frustrations with an older 85-year-old man he had met.

“All of this harsh news must be getting you down too?” he inquired. “Not really” replied the 85-year-old. “I have lived through other pandemics, the stock market crash, several depressions, and the Vietnam War and I’ve learned to choose my own headlines,” he said. “I choose headlines like ‘Man enjoys another great day of loving his wife and loving life”. I don’t pay much attention to these other headlines.”

Clearly, we’ve all had a wonderful demonstration of this from athletes around the world who have done just that. Special Olympians like the Australian swimmer Ahmed Kelly (pictured) have written their own headlines too. Now, what is the headline that will shape your day today?


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