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Come Join Us For A Heavy Dose Of ‘Motivation’

A few years back when people sent mail, Club Physical would often send a ‘We miss your smiling face’ postcard to members who had gone AWOL. Some of us have no issue staying motivated, while others struggle to exercise alone. Life happens and health priorities get pushed aside. The thing is though, that the benefits of staying in shape will pump energy and success back into every area of your life, from brain function and mobility to purpose, strength and youthfulness. Benefits simply too good to pass-up.

If YOU are a person who needs an extra nudge, come along and join in with the systems Club Physical has already in place.

Group Exercise classes are a long-proven method to provide you with inspirational coaching for an entire workout, from both the instructor and your peers. The menu covers the most popular needs of increasing strength and sculpting body-shape, like FLEX; to core strength as in PILATES, the flexibility and peace of YOGA and grace and toning of BARRE. Both STEPX and especially XRIDE will consistently boost your fitness level, taking you beyond what you would have done alone.

Then there’s the elite X45 menu, designed as a challenge to your strength, endurance and fitness, in small groups, led by our Personal Trainers. You get unlimited access to the weekly classes provided by the small addition of $15 weekly.

XBOX and WRESTLING are included to give those inclined, both self-defence and a feeling of empowerment. These are coached by World Class athletes. Like the GROUPX classes, these are included complimentary for those with ATHLETES and WINNERS memberships.

Of course, if it’s more suitable, you can book and hire sessions with your own dedicated personal coach, a Personal Trainer. Currently available are Kevin, Brahm and now Ayisha! If you are worried about the cost, don’t be. Just one session a week or even a fortnight can make all the difference to your motivation and regularity. Check out more information on our Personal Trainers.

So, if you know your motivation has slipped and you need an extra hand, avoid procrastination. The solution is right here. Choose one of the activities listed above and make a start TODAY!

Here’s what a BARRE’ class looks like

BARRE’ instructor Renee’ has a Bachelor of Dance Studies HONS, Graduate DIP of Secondary Teaching and Certificate of BARRE’ Attack. Chloe’ has a Level4 Certificate in BARRE’.

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