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Today I could feel the tension in Lincoln Road, Henderson as drivers rushed, ducked and dodged in the Christmas traffic build-up. It’s a fact that most car accidents happen when people are stressed, have had and argument or are under the influence. But stress itself is a matter of choice and control.

During a couple of the more embarrassing moments of my life I recall my own kids advising me to “Chill Dad!” Then last week when three of us were unloading very heavy rolls of rubber flooring backed into the front entrance of the Te Atatu club, a member flew into a rage with fists clenched and colourful words, just because he couldn’t put his car where he wanted it during the five minutes we were lifting these off.

You CAN control your temper. To prove this, think of a time when you might have been having an argument. Then the phone rang. You answered in a totally different tone of voice “Hello, can I help you?” What just happened? You just proved that your anger can be controlled and tamed.

Your anger can kill you. Professor of Psychiatry Dr Redford Williams stated that “Anger is a major contributor to heart disease. If you struggle with anger you are FIVE TIMES more likely to suffer coronary heart disease.”

So Club Physical’s wellness advice for you, our valued member over the coming Christmas period is to ‘Cool it’. Keep up your resistance workouts, the best method known to calm your nerves for the day. And if anyone does cut you off in traffic, realise its’ not personal, just breathe out and look the other way.


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