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Could YOU Live With DANGER Like Deon?

In a lifestyle that many would shun, Deon Martin-Rata made a decision at the age of seventeen to be in a profession that helps others and that had ‘purpose’. At the time, Deon herself needed to be lifted out of a state-of-depression and incredibly she chose one of the most challenging professions to do it. She chose to become a Fire-Fighter!

Deon began and trained in Mangakino where she was born. Later moving to be based at the Te Atatu South Fire Station where she became Senior Fire-Fighter in Charge, at a young age. When asked about any particular incidents that were extra dangerous, Deon commented; “It would be hard to pick just one. Numerous experiences have been super-dangerous.” She continued “I recall one fatal incident that was very traumatic. I used my time at Club Physical to get me through that one mentally.”

A fire-fighter for six years, Deon has moved on to take another challenge by becoming an Emergency Medical Technician with St Johns Ambulance.

Now studying for her degree in Para-Medicine, Deon agreed that not all people they arrive to help are grateful. Some are aggressive and has she has even had a gun pulled on her. “But I love helping people and I’m thankful having had the training to deal with some diverse situations” she says. Still not quite 24 years old we asked about Deon’s future expectations? “I would like to graduate to Emergency Management”. Deon believes she has a gift in leading others.

What role is Club Physical playing in Deon’s busy life? “One of my goals is weight-loss, while at the same time I’m enjoying gaining strength. In fact, I’ve celebrated a number of personal bests, under the coaching of Trainer – Kevin. Especially in the movements of deadlift, squat and hip-thrusts” Deon admits.

“I value the many relationships I’ve made with other members. I love the X45 classes and make good use of the swimming pool and Sauna. I use these for Hot/Cold therapy” she says. “And today I tried the new Massage Chairs for the first time”.

Deon, a special person and one of the amazing members at the club.

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