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CP Good Support For Donna. Now She’s Fit For Vietnam!

“When a friend told me about Club Physical’s Kids Club, I immediately joined” says mother of two, Donna Young. “The 90-minutes of peace and time-out this allows me is amazing. I love the club. I’ve been to gyms before, but I’ve never made so many friends as I have done here”.

Donna, who previously worked for Lion Breweries told us “My favourite workouts are the X45 classes. I’m in the gym between five and six days a week”.

Yet Donna’s life is in for a radical change. Donna, husband Jeff along with Lincoln (3yrs) and Lando (4.5yrs) are leaving this week to live in Vietnam. Jeff, a University Lecturer specialising in physics and maths has secured an 18-month contract with the RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) in Vietnam. “I’m really looking forward to the adventure” admits Donna. “I’ll be at the local gym every day, Hong Kong is only one and a half hours away and Thailand is only $60 return” she says. “The kids are going to have a great learning experience”.

The two are well-travelled. Jeff was born in Canada and both have had significant ‘OE’. “Seriously, I don’t know when we’ll be back” confessed Donna.

Pic: Club Physical CEO Paul with Donna

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