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It’s laudable that the Government has an aim of seeing our country Smoke Free by 2025. With HALF of chain smokers dying of cancer it is confusing to many of us why anyone would sabotage their own health? But isn’t it somewhat of a dichotomy that moves within the same Government are pressing to legalise the smoking of Marijuana which the CDC in USA says leads to addiction, brain and lung damage and can affect your mental health?

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For years much ado has been made of the holiday weekend road tolls, excessive sugar in our diets, excessive red meat and drinking too much alcohol. Clearly there are many damaging choices that we can make about our own health. Yet by far the biggest cause of premature deaths in the country is caused through ‘lack of exercise’. Lack of regular exercise is more damaging to your health than smoking, diabetes, being overweight, having high blood pressure COMBINED; US Surgeon General 1996! But yes, it would be hard for any government to make daily exercise mandatory.

Perhaps the easiest way to do so would be to have two years compulsory Army conscription for all 18-20 year olds? Here they would experience the positive health benefits of fitness.
Perhaps targeting the Tobacco industry is just an easy mark or a popular vote? How much should the Government get involved? Should health-habit decisions to improve or to detract from your health instead be completely left up to YOU?


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