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Michael Phelps captured the gold for his country in the Beijing 2008 Olympics and brought home a record eight best-time gold medals. It wont be just the number of medals we’ll remember, but his in dominable spirit when things turned drastically against him in the 200-meter butterfly. As he touched the wall, winning the race, nobody knew what he had undergone to get there. As he slid off his goggles, water poured out of them. Michael had swum the 200 meters practically blind. This is an experience swimmers dread. He was counting strokes, desperately looking for any marks on the pool floor. Michael finally touched the finish wall, an Olympic conqueror in every respect. He used his frustration to increase his stamina and determination to WIN.

Our key message to you today is to urge you to develop that same attitude of someone who ‘overcomes’ the daily challenges of life. It rains on all of us, but each each respond differently. Famous academic C.S.Lewis said “Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny”. Push yourself to do the extraordinary today!




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