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Developing an ‘overcoming’ attitude


Apart from when you are sleeping, almost every hour of our lives you and I are confronted with decisions on what to do next. Even under the scenario of strict regimentation such as the Army, we have two choices, to comply or not to comply. Daily, we are confront by obstacles. Where one person overcomes these quickly, another will back off exactly the same hurdle, turn and run away.  Many of these ‘road blocks’ in our lives are created by our own attitude. They become like ‘Giants’ that can either challenge us, or paralyse us.

The five common giants in our lives according to Luke Dejong are; (1) Fear (2) Rejection (3) Comfort (4) Addiction (5) Isolation.

Perhaps ‘comfort’ is the most interesting one? Comfort leads to complacency and lack of progress. The ‘comfort zone can easily be related to the many thousands of people who, although they are not happy with their state of health, choose to avoid the unknown and the discomfort envisaged by starting an exercise programme.  Yet the rewards would be life-changing. Somehow, the longer you chose to ignore this ‘Giant’ in your life, the larger he can become?

Today I’m challenge you to change that. To get up, to take action and to slay that Giant!

The inspiring Isaac Lidsky speaks about how he conquered the giants in his life; See HERE


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