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Do You Know Any ‘Naysayers’?

No matter whether you are, when you lead you become a target for criticism. With these days of social media, it’s so much easier for the brave keyboard warriors to find fault. I’ll never forget the day I saw a local builder turned weekend soccer ref. Subjected to ongoing loud and rude taunts from other sideline parents, Russel walked briskly toward the ring-leader, held out his whistle to the offender and requested “You do it then!”.

When you agree to take the banner and lead a team, group, business, country, or to be the weekend’s soccer-ref, you then become a target of criticism. Which is why Arnold Schwarzenegger’s advice of “Don’t listen to naysayers” is so important, if you want to progress, to stay positive and remain in the game. It essentially means, don’t listen to, be distracted by, or stressed by the people who tell you that you won’t succeed.

My speech to the Greenhithe Business Association on Friday was entitled ‘Four Stubborn Men’. The talk highlighted the challenges and eventual successes of Navy Seals David Goggins, who became an ultra-distance athlete; and Robert O’Neil, who shot Osama Bin Laden. I then discussed Arnold; who arrived in America with no money and unable to speak English, only to become the Governor of California, the World’s sixth Largest economy; And Elon Musk who has probably overcome more naysayers than the rest combined to build TESLA, SPACEX and much more.

So, what was your biggest challenge? Was it that you just wanted to lose weight? Researchers found that a large proportion of those who abandoned their exercise and healthy-eating regimes had been adversely influenced by family members and relatives who had not encouraged or supported their quest. The lesson is, to surround yourself with a positive and supportive ‘team’. Only share your goals with people who will stand by you. And ‘Don’t listen to naysayers. 

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