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Do you know anyone like Amy?


You might be one of the small number in society who are already self-motivated, love to exercise and know what to eat to feel great. Congratulations – you are an exception. There are others, many others, who struggle through their lives like Amy.

“I’ve always made excuses like not having enough ‘time’ to exercise. Then I received my wake-up call. Pregnant with my fifth child I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. At the time I wasn’t comfortable walking my kids the one hundred meters to school. It was exhausting and embarrassing. By the time I returned home I would be huffing and puffing so much that I couldn’t even lie on my back without struggling to breathe.

Shortly after, thanks to my parents I was able to enrol in Club Physical’s 12 week programme.  The first two weeks were admittedly hard. My legs were sore. But now that I have completed the 12 weeks I walk most days and hardly break a sweat. I even walk to my daughters Kindy and that’s a kilometre away!

I’ve lost well over twenty kilos and I CAN BREATHE! The only thing waking me up now at night is my new baby, not sleep apnoea! Even though my journey is far from over, my life has changed forever. This programme has given me the confidence to change my lifestyle!”

Did you notice the two triggers that helped get Amy to take action? The first was her diagnosis. The second was Amy’s parents. Very often, it’s the intervention of friends or family that give a person the push they need to get started. There are many thousands of ‘Amy’s’ out there, struggling with confidence, even to breathe the air we take for granted. Who can YOU encourage today?  You might find this interesting…


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