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Do you know your own strengths?


As you grow in the wisdom of life you realise that you often need to rely on the help of others and to be grateful for it. If you believe in the miracle of your existence and wonders of the provision of this planet you may also acknowledge the presence of a superior force, an intelligence, a creator and a purpose for your being.  In New Zealand we like to be known for our ‘number 8 wire’ philosophy. This stems from farmers and their ability to be independent and utilise their ingenuity to fix anything. But the reality is, we do need others and we often need help. ‘No man is an island’.

In saying this, were YOU aware that you almost certainly possess at least TEN core strengths?  Sadly, allot of people live their entire lives without recognising and realising these. Tuvalu, a West Auckland businessman last week spoke about how he worked through Don Gallop’s – ‘Gallop Strength Finder’ during a July marriage course he did with The Parenting Place. He said that once we realise and begin to work in our strengths, we will experience increased HEALTH AND WELLNESS, less stress and an increase in positive emotions.

Tuvalu read a quote by Benjamin Franklin that went something like this; “Don’t hide your talents. What good is a sun-dial in the shade?'”

What do you think are some of Ritchies’ strengths? What are yours? You might like to look into this yourself HERE


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