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Doing it ‘together’ is allot more FUN


Pictured are part of the team who completed the twenty one day Tour de France at Te Atatu. They are among hundreds of CP members who find value in being able to exercise along with others. Our members are NOT lazy by any means.

The challenge is that according to a major World Health survey, surprisingly, New Zealand has been ranked as the ‘14th laziest country in the world!’ We are among the twenty nations who exercise the least. No USA an Australia aren’t in the twenty with us. Experts are worried that the growing crisis in inactive lifestyles is putting millions at risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease. The report states that ‘the Government must make physical activity a top-tier health priority, or risk facing an unsustainable burden on hospitals and social care.

Obviously the survey didn’t take YOU into account and the thousands of others like you who frequent Club Physical. You are the exceptions. But it does highlight the fact that while YOU are surely making the effort, there are many who sadly, are not. As with any problem however, there does lie an ‘opportunity’.

Studies show there ARE vast numbers who would love to make a start – to be more active. They have just hesitated at the first step. Without doubt YOU know of someone, at home, in your wider family, at your club, at work or in the community who just need a little help from a friend.  With a little encouragement and an invitation to come along with you, YOU could change their lives.

Help make New Zealand one of the healthiest, most active nations in the world.

Here’s a different way to look at getting into shape in a TED talk by Emily Balcetis;


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