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Don’t sacrifice short term gain for long term pain


This statement holds try for so many things in life. Take drugs for example: Do we take them for a short term party high, at risk to becoming addicted and wrecking our lives? It makes no logical sense. You may ‘think’ that you’re having a good time, but under the influence  you’re only using half your brain power. Is that true enjoyment? You experience a ‘real’ life-giving high when you ‘work-out’!

Why take steroids for muscle gain now and risk your health, your kidneys and your relationships, long term? Or spend ALL of your wages now with nothing being saved for the future?

Is is worth buying a brand new car on credit? The minute you leave the dealer its worth $8,000 less, then you pay far more than it’s worth in interest.  Or getting a graphic tattoo for a short term thrill in your 20’s, then hiding it as you mature as a parent and a business person for the balance of your life?

Or drinking up large as ‘social habit’ with your group of mates, gaining high blood pressure and a pot belly, then trying to get rid of it for the rest of your life? Or perhaps ‘enjoying a smoke’, becoming addicted and living the balance of your life on a 50/50 Russian Roulette?

Perhaps its spending most of your entire leisure time ‘enjoying lying on the couch gazing at Net Flicks’. Then the balance of your life, challenged with low energy and disease wishing you had invested an hour a day keeping active.

Why not invest your life in activities that will give you ‘long term gain’ today.



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