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Dropping the Plus …It’s happening


On the goal, providing that you do have it to lose, is to drop one clothes size. Let’s face it, your waistline either became trimmer, stayed the same, or became wider as many did during the lockdowns. Summer is sneaking up fast and it’s only 74 days until the amusing waistline comparisons on Christmas day!

Let’s not complicate the process. Our advice is to use this simple two-step sexy, slim waistline formula.

1. Exercise every day for an hour

2. SWAP all high calorie, high processed salt, and sugar-infused foods and junk foods for vegetables, grains, legumes, and lean protein.

The secret is not to go hungry. Drink plenty of water, herbal teas, etc. Make this an eating plan that you could be comfortable continuing forever!

Ask reception to enter YOU in Club Physical’s DROP THE PLUS Challenge. It’s FREE! And if by November 30th YOU are recorded as the member who has the biggest ‘waist reduction’, you will WIN a ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR grocery voucher sponsored by the Club Physical. There are also three more ONE HUNDRED dollar grocery vouchers to be drawn if you regularly attend GROUP X or have PERSONAL TRAINING. Ask reception for your special card.

Pic: Some of the team in Yumi’s ZUMBA class, Tuesday 6.30 pm at Birkenhead. ZUMBA burns calories while you’re laughing and having FUN!


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