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Eighty-seven days to summer!

This ad made Charles Atlas famous. The beach bully kicks sand in the skinny guy’s face, embarrassing him in front of his girl. Right now, does the thought of exposing your lily-white body on the beach send shivers up your own spine? With the official start of summer just 87 days away, you can bet that there will be a few extra industrious bodies burning calories at the club. Not everyone wants a trimmer waist for summer. Some want to look more ‘toned’ and muscular. Either way, you can positively make those results happen at the gym. You just need two things: determination and consistency.

Weight-loss happens simply by choosing the right foods and by increasing your ‘movement’ each day.  If you are a person to needs extra encouragement, a Personal Trainer, a workout partner and/or attending the GROUPX classes is what you need. That way you won’t be alone, and the extra FUN and camaraderie will carry you through.

If it’s muscle you want, it’s just a simple scientific process. You need to lift weights three times a week for 45-90 minutes a time. As you get stronger, you increase your weights and this in turn stimulates muscle growth. Eating choices are just as important. Plenty of quality carbs (fruit, brown rice, grain, vegetables) along with some lean protein. In the gym, start with major muscle exercises first, like legs and back, then down to the arms. Book a trainer to guide you with a plan.
Just 87 days. Today is day one.


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