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Exercise, the real health insurance


Like all governments before them there is a great fan-fare going on right now about ‘HEALTH’.  Please, this is not a political jibe but a comment about our governments (past and present) in general.

The most exciting thing about a ‘Wellness Budget’ is the word ‘Wellness’.  But in essence our health system is targeted at people who are already sick. The ambulance is waiting at the bottom of the cliff. Surely, true wellness would be doing everything possible to follow the best practices of ‘staying well’.

Yes, we all know, empathise, and are truly thankful of the help and assistance given to those who really need it through our ‘Health System’.

But what if a ‘Wellness Focus’ by the government were instead to incentivise ‘wellness practices’?  What if YOU were to receive a TAX REFUND to a certain level towards your investing in sports, health club or martial art memberships that would result in regular physical activity?  What if instead there would be no GST on fruit and vegetables and instead a ‘warning’ placed on high sugar foods?

Yes, like you, many of us invest in ‘health insurance’. However, this predominantly rewards those you leave behind or pays for an operation when you get sick.  True ‘health Insurance’ places high probability on the fact that you would likely stay WELL by taking responsibility for your health.  That’s exercising most days of the week, and eating fresh fruits, vegetables, lean protein, grains with 5-6 small to medium meals a day. The eliminate junk food, ice cream or wine for supper.  These are the practices that work. No mystery. Stay well.


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