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Exercise your brain

Did you know that the cognitive decline you potentially experience as you age can be reversed? The subject was discussed in a speech on Thursday by Lucy Thomas at the Kelston-based Club Physical founded Toastmaster Club – WAKE-UP. COMMUNICATE. “We have one hundred billion cells in our brain. In fact, your brain is like a factory” she said. “Every part of your body follows its instructions.

However, most people only use between one and twenty percent of their brains.  You can reverse the decline of cells as you age by a process called ‘Neuro-genesis’. Just as exercise builds and strengthens your muscles, certain exercise builds and strengthens your brain.

Learning new things leads to brain growth. Communicating, interacting, and being among others leads to growth – we are made to be ‘social’. Especially in an enriched environment devoid of stress” Lucy went on to say.  The gym certainly has all of that.

Club Physical members are very welcome to attend the two Toastmaster clubs it has founded in Kelston (meeting alternate Thursdays at 7 am Kelston Community Centre) and Dairy Flat (meeting alternate Tuesdays 7.30 pm at Dairy Flat Hall). If these don’t suit check out the variety of options at Toastmasters NZ 

After all, better communication leads to better health.

Pictured: Club Physical family completed the 21K Tongariro Crossing on Easter Weekend in six hours 50 minutes. Pictured are Tai, Paul, Renee, Ludwig, Chloe, and Brahm.


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