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Expect The Best And You Might Get It!

If you think you’re too fat, too thin, or maybe even, that you don’t exercise enough, you could be in for a surprise. Your subconscious mind could very likely be limiting both your results, and your enjoyment of life.

In a landmark Harvard University study, the participants were hotel cleaners. It’s a busy, often physically demanding job, but not something that you would normally relate to something like going to the gym. The cleaners had thought of it as ‘just a job’ and hadn’t realised the ‘health’ impact of what they were doing. But the researchers explained that the energy they used, vacuuming the floor, changing beds, and moving furniture easily amounted to the minimum exercise recommended for good health.

Just four weeks after the explanation, the cleaner’s fitness had noticeably improved. This included significant changes to their weight and blood pressure.

Incredibly, the only thing that had changed was the cleaner’s perception. New ‘expectations’ generated real physiological results, without any other changes to their lifestyle. Your ‘expectations’, without doubt, have a far-reaching impact on the direction of your life. Have you been placing your own limitations on your health, your weight, your sport, your fitness, your confidence, and your career? Have you possibly been sabotaging your own progress by the way you ‘think’?

References: The book, The Expectation Effect. The author David Robson is speaking here on TED


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